Micro Mist is an advanced conditioning treatment which uses the power of water to permeate a conditioning treatment into the hair. Micro Mist introduces a special hair treatment that cannot be done anywhere else but within a salon.

The Micro Mist, as its name suggests, uses mist generated by ultra sound to process the treatment. This works in two ways first the particles of mist are much smaller and lighter than those of steam and therefore they can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to a greater depth, without the hair becoming saturated with water. The second way is the heating system of the mist. While heat is necessary to open the cuticle of the hair and allow the treatment to penetrate, conventional steamers boil water at 100 degrees to create the steam, a temperature that often causes more damage to the hair than it repairs. The Micro Mist uses ultra sound to generate the mist and then warms it in accordance to the hair type and the products requirements. The temperature is far lower than the 100 degrees generated by the steamer and therefore does not cause any damage. Finally, the Micro Mist's advanced and unique cooling system that comes on at end of each treatment gives a much stronger and longer lasting result by cooling the hair and closing the cuticle trapping the treatment inside.

Heating activates the molecular movement of treatment agents and water in hair. At the same time, heated micro mist swells the hair causing treatment agents to permeate deep into each hair

"Fixing "
Cooled air sent from the fan draws vaporized heat and rapidly soothes the molecular movement that has been activated by heat energy. This action reinforces fixation of the treatment agents to the inside of damaged hair.

By circulating a large quantity of mist in the hood where the temperature is precisely controlled, the entire hair evenly receives heat energy. Each hair gets a treatment effect and retains moisture, resulting in healthy, youthful hair.

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